Handmade Moschothymiama from the Holy Koutloumousi cell Great Lady Athos

                                                                    LITTLE HISTORY OF GREAT MARY KELLY

The historic sanctuary Koutloumousi Kelli Holy Virgin Mary which was dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located 1.5 km southeast of the HM Koutloumousiou. First mention the cell is in 971 AD , When it signed the first formal Mount Athos, which was written by Efthimios Stoudites representative of the Patriarch of Constantinople-ntinoupoleos Kingdom of Skamandrinou (970-974), was signed by 58 representatives of 10 seniors, eight abbots and confirmed by Emperor John Tsimiskes. Among the signatories among abbots and that of the Gomatou Monastery (Panagia Great Koutloumousiou).

Agioritik Moschothymiama

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