By Byzantine art generally refers to artistic production and expression developed in the period of the Byzantine Empire between the 4th century and the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. Byzantine art is thought originally born in Istanbul the capital of the empire, but spread over the greater part of Mediterranean world and east as Armenia. Was the result of the interaction of both the ancient Greek tradition and the other eastern influence and religiosity. With the prevalence of Christianity, the Byzantine style was characterized by means of a purely religious art aimed not so much the search of beauty and harmony as interiority, the symbolism and the submission of religious emotion.
Sunday of Orthodoxy selected our Church to celebrate the restoration of the holy and venerable images. "with honor and glory used are" John Damascene. One means of our worship to the Divine, in commemoration of our Lord's livable, and pleasing to God struggles of our Saints. We honor and praise all the saints that illustrate and worship only the Trinitarian God.

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