What does artoklasia mean.
In Functional, artoklasia mean called slicing loaves previously blessed by the priest or the High Priest and then distributed to the congregation.
"Rich went into liquidation and epeinasan; are not ekzitountes the Lord, all were reduced quite a commodity."
The Artoklasia is a sanctifying act of blessing commodity land (wheat, wine and oil) to commemorate the miracle of the multiplication of loaves.
Offering the "bread", believers receive the blessing of the Church that God wishes to be rich fruition. In this ceremony, the occasion of the mention of prayer to God "bless, sanctify and nourishes all things," our liturgical tradition to remind us that the bread is the blessing of God for man and the key component of the diet.
A small detection in the Bible has taught us that there are too many witnesses for the use of bread. Already in Genesis God says to Adam "by the sweat of your face you can earn your bread." In the desert after the exodus from Egypt, God sends the MANA in place of bread. The Lord Jesus Christ tells us that "It is the bread of life." In the Lord's Prayer tells us the bread and said the blessing miracle. During the celebration of the Last Supper that delivers to its students-and through them to all believers-the Eucharist, the bread slices and says: "Take, eat ...".


Our love for the Church and our respect to Holy Tradition, led us to the creation of Ecclesiastical art.
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