The Grail is generally considered to symbolize the waters of life - the Holy of Holies - the Cosmic Center - the heart - the source of life and immortality. Holy Grail, which mingles wine (Nama) and water, which will turn into Blood of Christ. Attached is the holy paten, on which is placed the Lamb, the piece of bread, which will be transformed into the Body of Christ, as well as other pieces from suitably dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the holy angels, living believers, the faithful deceased. This sanctuary set on the tray symbolizes the unity of the Church. On the holy paten is also the Asterisk, which symbolizes the star of the Nativity and is intended to prevent the sacred cap resting on blocks of holy bread. In sacred intention is still the forceps (spoon) which commune the faithful, the holy lance, which symbolizes the spear embroidered by the Lord's crucifixion and the sponge and he symbolizes the sponge given vinegar to the Lord.
The Holy Grail


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