Double & Triple Candlesticks

The triple candlesticks are those sacred vessels, most commonly observed in the conduct of the crucified and epitaph in Great Entrance of the Holy Gifts as well as in various processions.
The triple candlesticks are metal or wooden trays, engraved and decorated with reliefs and gems.
In those are illustrated figures of Christ, the Virgin Mary and various saints.
Normally, however, have shown the Cherubim Seraphim, which symbolize. The cherubim that is we represent the invisible world of the angelic hosts, those who guard the Paradeiso.Symfona the teaching of our Church Angels, subsequently, people, created by God motivated the 'ecstatic' love to share and other beings to His blessedness. Angels admits this donation of God, praise him and simultaneously offered gladly, both of gratitude and for their unending progress toward perfection and above all from love, to serve God anendei.
In some cherubs hanging bells, symbolizing the anthem Seraphim offering to God. Placed on poles in Sanctuary, east of the altar in the middle bearing the Cross. Always ahead of the entrance of Liturgical Sequences, Vespers, Litany, Divine Liturgy and expenses and keep ieropaides. (commonly Altar)


Our love for the Church and our respect to Holy Tradition, led us to the creation of Ecclesiastical art. A creative space tradition, respect and love in Ecclesiastical Art. The art of our Fathers, His glorious past, but also the bright future of our church. The faithful in conjunction with Art, founded The past and build the future but certainty. Our wish is to stand all these reason, for our spiritual progress and construction

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