Tabernacles - Breastplates

The altar is usually based on a pillar, which symbolizes the motionless pillar of the Church, Christ, or four pillars that symbolize the four Evangelists. At the top there is the holy tabernacle, luxury box, hermetically sealed, which kept the consecrated by the Holy Thursday, holy bread impregnated with the precious Blood of the Lord, for the communion of the faithful. There is also the tabernacle which is used only during the period of Great Lent and placed every Sunday Holy Communion until the celebration of the Presanctified Liturgy. It is "heaven on earth, in which dwells the Heavenly God" Saint Germanos, Patriarch of Constantinople and even physically God dwells within us in every Orthodox Church, specifically on the altarinside the gilt elegant turret, the Holy Tabernacle.


Our love for the Church and our respect to Holy Tradition, led us to the creation of Ecclesiastical art. A creative space tradition, respect and love in Ecclesiastical Art. The art of our Fathers, His glorious past, but also the bright future of our church. The faithful in conjunction with Art, founded The past and build the future but certainty. Our wish is to stand all these reason, for our spiritual progress and construction

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