The stamp tender.

(notations and meanings).

The bid is the bread that we offer to the Church, committed to the Eucharist. Along with the wine, as Holy Gifts (bread and wine), before being transferred to the Great Entrance of the altar, placed in intention (pre + = tithimi appose), where the ceremony of offertory will prepare for the Divine Liturgy. The offertory lots of deals will be placed in ceremonial tray and some wine in the Holy Eucharist.
The round draft offer belly symbolizes the Virgin Mary, from where it originated (born) of the only begotten Son. Over the offering there is relief pattern formed by stamp.
From the center of the deals comes the Lamb, ie the central square of the project with the letters ES LS NI KA (Jesus Christ defeats). These letters must be distinctly and clearly visible. Said Lamb (lamb), because the prophet Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah as a harmless lamb led to the sacrifice. John the Baptist confirmed this prophecy, when he showed his disciples the Messiah and said: "To the Lamb of God" (Ioan.1a ', 29). Also the Apostle Peter in A Letter (1a 18-19) writes: "Elytrothite from the reversal vain to You ... Timmy blood of a lamb and immaculate immaculate Christ."
The draft offer also contains the portion of Virgin Mary with the letters M and T, ie, Mother of God. The triangular portion of the Virgin placed right in the Lamb tray with the words: "In honor and memory of Blessed, our glorious Misses Mary and Ever-Virgin Mary, nd In like prosdexai intercessions, Lord, the Sacrifice yperouranion hast in thy altar. (Continues with the 10th verse of the 44th Psalm) attended the Queen on your right, sheathed in gilded clothing, inlaid '. (That is: We offer the lion is in honor and memory of our Blessed Lady glorious Ever-Virgin Theotokos Mary, the embassy which Accept, Sir, the sacrifice to your altar yperouranio. Charts stood the Queen in right with your clothing gold dressed, embellished). The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of God has primacy price.
Of the nine triangles, located in the right part of the offer, exported portions of the angels and all the saints and placed left of the Lamb. The saints mentioned are the Prophets, the Apostles, the bishops, the martyrs, the saints, the Anargyroi, the Theopatores together with the saint of the day, and the last Father of the Church who wrote conduct is the Divine Liturgy. The saints, because it has become the second coming of the Lord and have not yet entered into Paradise, and they benefit from memorizing the Liturgies. Furthermore and in heaven will go from 'glory to glory', ie will they improve and enjoy progressively larger divine blessings. Also, when Kavasilas bloodless sacrifice offered in thanksgiving to God, who gave us the saints. These are the standards of all Christians, they guide them and intercede for them with their prayers.
From other parts of the offer are exported to the portions of the living and the departed, who belong to the Orthodox Church.
These are placed in front of the Lamb and when before Holy Communion during contraction (compound) Body and Blood, the officer throw the Grail, says while the following remarkable words: "Flush, O Lord, the sins of thy servants herein-mentioned the blood the Holy; your intercessions of the Theotokos and of all thy saints. Amen. "(That is: extinguished, O Lord, the sins of those here mentioned thy servant with thy blood the Holy; embassy Mary and all Your saints. Amen). In the beginning of the offertory officiating raises (lift up) the Offer up to the front and with this gesture symbolizes the raising of Christ on the Cross, where He shed His precious Blood for the salvation of men.

Is the wine we offer to the Church for the Holy Eucharist. Prepared in a special way of selected, black grapes. The purple color is dense, with aromas of ripe fruit and a fresh acidity, which in combination with the velvety texture give an extended aftertaste.


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