The History of komposchoiniou To ropes have all Orthodox monks and use many Orthodox laity, usually wool and woven in various sizes. From very small, worn
finger, to very large: 33ari (33 knots), 50cc (50 knots), 100 knot, 500 knot, etc.
According to tradition, the saint Pachomius in 320 AD, founded with the help of St. Anthony the first monastery in Thebais Egypt. He began to look for ways that will help the monks in meditation and prayer in the numbering of the prayers. According to tradition, the archangel Gabriel visited in his sleep by Holy Pachomio and showed him how to make a tool that will serve the needs of prayer. This tool was the prayer.
In prayer to prayer, which helps a lot in concentration of mind, followed technique method. In every knot that passes between the fingers of the prayer says sequentially wishes: Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me, Most Holy Theotokos, Save us, Holy God presvefsate favor of you. It is impossible to say and only wish Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me. The prayer is designed for prayer, and not to play a role bracelet on the wrist. In prayer, every part has some symbolic significance. It is woven from wool mainly to remind the members of the Church that are reasonably sheep of Jesus Christ (John 10:11). Its color black symbolizes mourning for sins once "no sin" (cf. III Kings 8:46, Job 4:17, Rom. 3:9-12, etc.). Over his prayer has
the cross to evoke "that were yet sinners Christ died for us" (Rom. 5. Usually the prayer ends in a tassel that its purpose is wiping tears ("per dakrysin rained my feet" Luke 7:44).'s 33 knots symbolize the years of Jesus Christ, the 99 knots is 33 multiplied by the number of the three Persons of the Trinity, and each knot has 9 braided crosses, symbolizing the nine orders of angels. However, while the number of crosses that represent each knot always remains constant, the number of knots that form the prayer depends on the number of prayers for it is used. should be noted that there are ropes made ​​from materials other than wool eg acrylic, like different colors.


Prayer Ropes Wool & waxed

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