Sleepless Candles

The lighting of the candle - this lamp carries the symbolism that is offered as a sacrifice respect and honor to God and His saints. It also symbolizes the light of Christ enlightens every man, and also symbolizes the familiar precept of our Lord that we must be, as Christians, the light of the world.
In the Christian Church the candle is placed in front of the holy icons. What is placed in front of the crucifix, in the Sanctuary, is always kept lit and therefore called "Sleepless oil lamp."
A candle is also placed in the shrine of the house and lit every day, according to the Orthodox tradition. The lit candle reminds us of the need for prayer, also reminds us that our lives should be bright, also that our will should be burned and sacrificed.
The fotochysia Temple, with its many oil lamps, symbolizing the divine light of God's presence, which illuminates the hearts of all Christians.


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