In the Christian Church the candle is placed in front of the holy icons. What is placed in front of the Crucified, in the Sanctuary, is always kept lit and therefore called "sleepless" Oil Candle. A candle is also placed in the shrine of the house and lit every day, according to the Orthodox tradition. A habit that keeps the deep Christian symbolism with the Light of Christ which enlightens every man that heats the hope and consolation and accompanies the endless hours of solitude. The lighting of the oil lamp carries the symbolism that is offered as a sacrifice respect and honor to God and His saints. It also symbolizes the light of Christ which enlightens every man, and also symbolizes the familiar precept of our Lord that we must be, as Christians, the lights of the world. The oil, ie oil lamps burning in us, "the God ypemfainei oil" writes St. Simeon of Thessaloniki, the mercy of God that was revealed when the dove returned to Noah's Ark to mean the cessation of the flood, having the beak an olive branch, or when Jesus, as he was praying extensively watered with the sweat of clots olive , under the branches of which knelt the martyrdom that night, the Mount of Olives. Of course, we all know how infinitely superior material lighting is inner, holy spiritual illumination. So wrote the God-bearer Father Gregory Nazianzus: "enlighten language ..." and completes the commentator: Achieved this? Oil symbolizes the infinite mercy of God, and the oil lamps symbolize the Church which is contagious Divine mercy and lighting. Course symbolize the saints themselves that their light shone at the word of the Lord. There are many reasons why the Orthodox should be lit the oil lamp for example to remind us of the need for prayer, to illuminate the space and persecutes with predominantly dark forces of evil, to remind us that Christ is the only true light and faith in him is light, to remind us that our lives should be luminous, to remind us that as the candle requires our hand to ignite the soul and thus requires the hand God, His Grace that is, to remind us that our will should be burned and sacrificed for the love of God


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