The Church article company Rouka Katerina was founded in 2010 by the couple, Nikolaos Natsiopoulou and Katerina Rouka. Our intention was to create a religious articles store & bookstore.

eikonesAt the same time in 2010 we created a Facebook account that hit 3500 members (friends) from around the world in a very short time.
It was the selfless relationship with members (friends) that prompted us to create an online store of religious articles.

This whole project had to be based on solid foundations, which were none other than the bases given generously within our church and the Greek Orthodox tradition.
We wanted our company, apart from the commercial part, to perform a missionary role, a ministry in the area and we believe we have achieved this goal.
By organising lectures by eminent writers, and always with permission from the Church, we strife to enlighten the minds and souls of listeners.

booksAnother of goals is to constantly update writings on Orthodoxy and the immediate availability to our readership, without of course forgetting the already recorded literary richness of our church.
In the commercial part we wanted to allocate products that should be "exemplary and shadow of heavenly things " ( Heb. H , 5 ) , to correlate perfectly with the orthodox tradition. Products in some cases are instruments in the commission of the sacraments of the church. And in some other cases to add solemnity and reverence in our private spaces.

Keenly aware of the great responsibility, we are heading with love and hope to the Most Merciful God to gives us strength for the work we have undertaken.

We welcome you with respect and love, and hope to be worthy of the deaconry we took.

Simultaneously in 2010 created a Facebook account in that short time numbered 3500 members (friends ) from around the world .
The selfless relationship with members (friends ) was that prompted us to create an online store of religious articles .

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